4 Yards More Tees

All 4 Yards tees w-logoFirst and only tee proven in two tests to improve distance

”4 Yards More” Golf Tees have been proven in the Performance Tee catagory. Available at retailers nationwide, the tee has claimed multiple victories on the Champions and LPGA tours. Including Gil Morgan’s victory at the Wal-Markt First Tee Open at Pebble Beach. As golfers discover the distance it adds to drives, it is an essential in every golfer’s bag.

  • First and only tee proven both ‘’Robotic’’ and ‘’Field’’ tests to improve distance
  • Flexible, six-pong tip reduces resistance and
  • allows better contact
  • Durable, last for over 100 drives

The Tests Green Keepers Inc. set out to make the longest playing tee in the performance tee category.  After 18 months of product research, development and improvements we tested the tee.  First a robotized test was conducted to see how the tee performed under perfect swing conditions.  The tee outdistanced wood by 3.9 yards Encouraged by the results we went back to make slight improvements and setup the tooling for manufacturing. Greens Keepers Inc. understands that not every golfer swings like a robot.  An independent research firm conducted a field test comparing the “4 Yards More” Prototype Golf Tee to wooden tees, using 10 golfers of varying abilities. Each golfer hit 10 balls off of wooden tees.  After the ten balls were hit, the research team measured and recorded each distance.  The driving range was cleaned.  Then each golfer hit 10 balls off of the “4 Yards More” Prototype Golf Tee. Again, the research team measured and recorded each distance. Variety-Pack-4-Yards-More-Tee Standard-Tee-4-Yards-More-Tee Short-Tee-4-Yards-More-Tee Extreme-Driver-Tee-4-Yards-More-Tee Driver-Tee-4-Yards-More-Tee The results were tallied and averaged, yielding a 4.2 yard difference in favor of the “4  Yards More” Prototype Golf Tee. Averaging the Robot Test and the Field Test gave us an overall 4.05 yards greater distance over wooden tees. “4 Yards More” Golf Tee was tested by the Golf Laboratories, Inc. in San Diego, CA. Robotized swing testing, is the standard used in new product testing by the USGA. The “4 Yards More” Golf Tee outdistanced the standard wooden tee by an average total distance of 3.9 yards.

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