Dixon Golfball

Dixon-Golf-logoDixon Golf has made a monumental impact in the golf industry by introducing the world’s first 100% eco-friendly golf ball. The Dixon Earth has led the golf world into the concept of “green,” but Dixon Golf is not just introducing “green” products into the industry, Dixon Golf is minimizing its own carbon footprint and ecological impact through a number of initiatives. Dixon Golf’s manufacturing facility meets the highest standards of ecological concern. It is lit by LED lights, its energy comes in large part from solar panels, it has better air quality and lower VOC’s compared to manufacturing facilities of its kind, and recycles it’s water. The efforts of Dixon Golf to save the earth go beyond just the environment. Dixon Golf also donates ten percent of all its profits to charities that help feed the poor, rebuild after natural disasters, educate the illiterate, and perform other worthy efforts to help the world. Dixon Golf has set the standard of ecological and sociological concern, and will continue to be the golf company that leads the industry in its fight to save the earth. To all of you, from all of us at Dixon Golf – Thank you and Happy Golfing!  – The Dixon Golf Team



Krank Golf’s long drive team, the winners of the 2010 RE/MAX World Long Drive Championship, has endorsed the Dixon Wind golf ball as the longest golf ball they have hit.

  • Extreme-Distance
  • 428 Monster™ dimple pattern for ultimate distance and accuracy
  • Resilient Eco-cover™ for maximum durability and spin control
  • Densified precast green core™ generates extra recoil for even greater distance


Dixon-Earth_01 The Dixon Earth golf ball outperformed the Nike One Platinum, Callaway Tour ix and Titleist Pro V1, in independent testing by PGA TOUR Partners Club, and received an incredible 92% Approval Rating. That’s why it’s the ball of choice for actor, producer and philanthropist Don Cheadle.

  • High-Performance
  • 392 Tour proven dimple pattern for maximum control and distance
  • Thin Eco-cover™ provides exceptional feel and increased durability
  • Improved high-velocity green core™ for added distance
  • 92% approval rating from PGA Tour Partners


Dixon-Spirit_01 The world’s first 100% eco-friendly golf ball designed for her. Spirit is the nexus of style, performance, enviornment – the elements of golf.Pure-Performance

  • 392 dimple pattern for pure control and maximum flight
  • Crystal Pink Eco-cover™ provides exceptional feel and style
  • Improved high-velocity GreenCore™ for added distance


Dixon-Fire_01 Dixon Fire is the multi-layer eco-friendly ball designed for the profession   al golfer who demands the highest level of performance in feel, spin, distance and durability.

  • Pro-Performance
  • 318 tour-precision dimple pattern
  • Elastodynamic™ recyclable cast urethane cover
  • Energy intensifying mantle for maximum power
  • High-intensity green core with ignite technology™

More info on www.dixongolf.nl