The Dutch golf company which closely works with a range of top golf manufacturers from the USA, We introduce the latest innovative golf products to Europe.

* Like the world’s 1st Eco-friendly golfball * The first and only tee proven in two tests to improve distance * The first real golf home simulator for a consumerprice less than € 400,= * Nr.1 Best & Brightest night golfball

We are proud to introduce these articles and many more at the GOLF-SENSATION Show in Oostende Belgium . After the show you will find us all over Europe at Golf –Events, Golf- tournaments and off course on our new website! Feel free to contact us by phone 0031 (0)35-6922546 or send us an e-mail

Let quality GolfGadgets improve your game today!

Golf Gadgets: Line M up Pro,  4 Yards More Tee, Rain Wedge, Reloader, Night Golfball, EEZ Read, FIZ DT Promotional Products:  Tees, Markers, Pencils, Pithforks, Golfballs, Towels, Gloves, Caps, Umbrellas Golfsimulators: OptiShot simulator, P3Pro swing analyser Apparel: Craft, Nike, Cutter & Buck