Line M Up Pro

Ball Alignment Tool

Line-M-Up snaps onto your ball and self-centers for straight and accurate markings. New alignment options allow you to mark your ball over 6 different ways! Underside ridge prevents smearing of line markings. Concave marker slot allows easy marker tip access. Supplied with a matching Sharpie Mini.

  • Sink more putts, lowering your score
  • Improves aim, stroke and green reading ability

Choice of 4 colours: Orange with Orange Pen (Sharpie Mini) Navy Blue with Blue Pen (Sharpie Mini) Black with Black Pen (Sharpie Mini) Green with Green Pen (Sharpie Mini) Used as a playing or training aid by giving you a visual guide to help line up all your shots. Conforms to USGA rules and is legal to use in competition.

  • Line up putts – Professional golfers line up their putts, so that they can concentrate on length.
  • Line up tee shots – For more accurate tee shots, use the line to point you in the right direction.
  • Practice putting – When a good stroke is made, the line on the ball will roll straight; struck poorly, the line will appear to wobble as it rolls.
  • Identify your ball – Under the rules of golf, you are required to identify your ball with a mark.