Longshot Impact Sticker

LongShot-Impact-stickersMaximum Distance System

  • No more hours of aimless practice.
  • Turn those mis-hits into an education, rather than frustration.
  • Get the most from your equipment.
  • Unleash your “Sweet Spot Power” with “Long Shot”


Attach recorder to a clean, dry club-face, removing all wrinkles and bubbles.
Align recorder center with club-face center; fold any excess over top and sides of club-head.

Always apply Long Shot prior to play or practice; this allows time for proper alignment and avoids interfering with the play of others.

Long Shot registers all impacts, including light putting strokes.
No change in your swig is needed to produce a reading.


Recorders should be changed when confusion results from multiple impact readings.
Recorders leave no residue when removed immediately after use.

Long Shot does not add swing weight or hinder ball/club contact to any significant degree; making it deal for all practice and general use.

Long Shot is not approved for use during sanctioned competition.

For maximum benefit refer to the correction tips in the “Long Shot” guide, or seek the help of a qualified instructor.

  • Greater distance
  • Improved accuracy
  • Lower scores

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