Reloader-ball-dispenserThe patented RELOADER™ golf ball storage system saves you time on the fairway…

No more butts in the air and heads buried in the bag searching for balls. No more standing on the tee while a buddy scavengers through your bag not knowing what they might find. No more yanking the bag off the golf car to get the balls that are stored on the side facing in. The RELOADER™ is always right in front of you. It’s vital to the game of golf.

The RELOADER™ holds two sleeves – 6 balls in all. It organizes you. It loads from the top, dispenses from the bottom. It fits on your bag – or on your golf car – and it’s always right in front of you. There’s even a place for that spare glove you might need. It’s so simple we can’t believe it’s never been done before.

Simply load the balls into the top of the RELOADER™, and pull them out of the bottom when its time to reload. The handy clip can be used with your golf bag, or the Velcro strap can be used to affix right to your golf car. It just makes sense, and its good golf etiquette. Don’t let the “heat of the moment” get any worse by having to dig for a new golf ball. Don’t let the pressure of the moment build by having your playing partners wait around while you get yourself together.


RELOADER is an amazing new golf necessity that is as Vital to your game as your clubs. The RELOADER holds two sleeves, that’s six balls.


The balls are loaded at the top and conveniently Dispensed from the bottom. Simply clip the RELOADER onto your golf bag, fill with Six of your favorite balls and your ready to go.


Focus on your game, not looking for your glove. Always know where your glove is with the RELOADER Glove holder feature.
The glove hold is located at the Bottom of your RELOADER and keeps your golf glove Dry and ready. Free up your back pocket.

RELOADER organizes your golf game like never before. Hit the course like a pro. Organized and ready to go.