Sfear Practice Golfball

Sfear GolfbalThe Sfear the Ultimate Indoor/Outdoor practice ball.

The most exciting thing to happen to golf since the introduction of the metal wood. If you want to hit napkin rings, go to a restaurant. If you want to hit the best practice ball ever, hit the Sfear. There is no Almost about it, the Sfear is the Ultimate Indoor/Outdoor practice ball.

The Sfear has excellent club head feel and provides accurate launch off the club face allowing precise ball flight trajectory with limited carry.

Unlike other practice balls the Sfear has incredible spin allowing you to fade or draw the ball correctly.

  • Allows full swing contact indoors or outdoors.
  • Will actually return to Golfer when hit properly into a solid backdrop, like a Garage door or office wall.
  • Is an excellent training ball for off season conditioning and can be used all year long in your home, office, hotel room, backyard or driveway without causing any damage, unlike what can happen with the use of regulation balls, hard plastic golf balls or napkin rings.